Tuesday, December 8, 2009

wild and wacky then super mellow

We've had a lot of illness in November and stretching into December. Of course if mama is out of commission then the kids get into all sorts of mischief ;)......

Like this little rascal ;) Ketchup ;)

There wa a fantabulous peanut butter mess that the girls made - no pictures as they were little nakies at the time. Let's just say there was some toe painting on the floor ;)

Honey on the keyboard - thank goodness for the silicon cover on the keyboard ;)

Lots of other horrendous things that aren't such great blog material lol!

Let's just say that it's been a rough few days - make that a couple of weeks.....

Yesterday was lovely tho :)

I had the entire afternoon into the evening to just sew sew sew. Then after the kids went to bed I sewed some more - that time with my sweetie keeping me company (and ironing too ;) ) We ended the evening with candlelight, almond milk (in a wine glass of course) and gluten-free oreo cookies as a rare treat.

In challenging times it's good to remember the ebb and flow of life. The only thing we can really count on is change. Always change.

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