Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Dolls for the Girls

For Miss Big A :

A "Honey Doll" - Pattern by Joy's Waldorf Dolls

Miss big A is almost 4 years old now - it seemed time for a doll Friend.

For Little Miss A:

A weighted baby - pattern from Joy's Waldorf dolls
Weighted with millet scented with lavender essential oil
The fabric is organic cotton sherpa - which is quite possibly the most heavenly soft fabric I've ever encountered - I want to roll up in it!

Little Miss A loves baby dolls. I didn't think she was quite ready for a friend doll - and the benefits of having a weighted doll seemed fitting for her personality.

These were such a joy to make - I've made a couple other waldorf dolls and I have to say that it is more fun each time as the process becomes more familiar. And I have to be honest - other times I made my own pattern and I'm just not a designing sort of gal - having the pattern took away the stress which made making the doll a whole lot more enjoyable. I finally learned how to do the hair properly this time thanks to the excellent directions that came with the pattern. I think I'm hooked ;)


  1. Hi! I know this was a bazillion years ago, but do you remember how much millet you used and how many lavender oil drops?

  2. I lOVE the weighted dolls face!!!