Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Just a little cheese with our Christmas ;)

Matching *glow in the dark* pjs ;)

I swear I didn't plan to make them for everyone.....
It just ended up that way....

No one seemed to mind tho - and everyone liked them.

IT all started when my oldest picked out the fabric above to make some for herself - many many moons ago. She doesn't particularly like to sew- she just found herself killing time in the sewing store with me - and well her shopping urge kicked in and all of a sudden she felt like sewing. Until she left the store.

The boys begged and begged for that fabric - but you see it was hers.....

Soooooo first I decided to make them up for her for Christmas. Then I spotted the same fabric in many other colors at the same fabric store and decided to make some for the boys.

Then on Christmas eve when it became apparent that I wouldn't be finishing the night gowns that I had cut out for the girls (different fabrics) I realized that I had enough fabric left to make them some pj bottoms too and that seemed a whole lot more doable.

I do think that it makes for a pretty funny photo ;)

I didn't use a pattern for any of them - just grabbed a pair of their pjs bottoms and eyeballed it. I did learn that this method doesn't work so well once you're working with a body that has curves ;) It worked ok - but a pattern would have been better.

I hemmed the bottoms with bias tape - because I hate hemming - and bias tape just looks so good :)

Of course I used Angry Chicken's method - because it's the best :) Love her blog :) I got her latest book - "Bend the Rules with Fabric" - for Christmas - it wasn't a surprise at all that it is excellent :) I can't wait until I have more time to get aquainted with it......

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