Friday, December 18, 2009

A scary day for this mama...

And for my girl too. I had to rush my oldest daughter to the ER this morning when she woke with excruciating pain in her foot that quickly turned to tingling and numbness that travelled rapidly all the way up her entire right side of her body by the time I got to the hospital. The only possible explanation we could think of was that she'd banged it hard at an Aikido class on Sunday past - but that was 5 days ago.

We never got any answers as to why this happened, but we ruled out all the scary things for the moment and are watching her closely. It seems to be passing after a trip to the chiropractor thankfully.

What a scary time it was tho! I was so afraid that the numbness would affect her breathing, or that perhaps it could be a permanent thing. So many thoughts running around in my head.

This girl of mine - we had a rocky time in her childhood. SHe had celiac disease (an auto-immune disease triggered by gluten) that went undiagnosed until she was 12 years old. The type she had was the neurological type and so the damage was happening in her brain and resulted in pretty severe mood swings for many many years. I feared so much for her future and spent so so many hours researching to try to figure out what was causing it all.

Now 2.5 years into being gluten-free life with my girl is so lovely. I get to see *her* as she was meant to be. Happy and charismatic and creative and loving and funny and just an all around beautiful person.

Today I feared so much that something would happen to take her away now that I've finally got her back again. It made me stop and realize just how much things have changed for the better around here. I'm so relieved that she's ok....

and that I didn't get a speeding ticket while rushing like a mad-woman to the hospital ;)

It's my girls birthday coming up and I was planning to share some photos of her here in honor of that occasion. Tonite seems as good a night as any.....

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