Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another Skateboarder or 2

Ah Skateboarding. My husband has skateboarded for ohhh....
20 + years.

He loves it. It clears his head in a way that nothing - aside from snowboarding ;) - else does.

It's like magic watching him - at the local sk8 park. Sometimes I think it must feel like flying!

My oldest son just fell in love recently after finally learning how to drop in to the bowl from the edge. Very cool ;) The look on his face - the utter pride of accomplishment. Beautiful. And the resulting drive that followed - one that has him wanting to keep trying again and again - to learn another new thing .... that will lead to another and another. It's wonderful to see such focus and commitment

As you can see even the 2 year old wants in on the fun ;)

Recently even *I* decided to join in! I know - it's shocking - not really something I'd have ever thought I'd want to do, but let's face it - it's kind of boring to just sit and watch - not that I don't enjoy that - I mean I can't really complain about watching my handsome husband skateboard can I? Eye candy ;)

That said - I still get bored eventually, and I'm always trying to find a way to get exercise.

Really tho - I want to experience that feeling that looks like flying!

So I've been joining the fun - altho I can't exactly say that the pain the following morning is fun - but oh well - cement *is* hard after all - I wasn't really shocked.

My husband even put together a board for me - a dream come true for him lol - he always wanted a skater girlfriend ;)

Not that I really qualify as a skater - much more like a crash on the pavement not terribly graceful mama - but that's ok ;)

Mainly tho I was surprised by how fun it is to be so focused on something physical. I'm very familiar with being very focussed on all things mental lol - I'm referred to by my mom as an "information junkie" (she's a self-proclaimed one herself)

I can really see the benefit to kids - or anyone really, in the focus of skateboarding. Wanting to learn something so badly- sticking it out even when it hurts. Accomplishing a never ending series of very specific goals that over time build to competence. Pushing one's limits again and again.


I think that skateboarding often gets a bad rap - I think that is really sad. There is so much more to it than meets the eye.

I wonder who in the family will be next to join the fun ?


  1. Way to go! My husband is a lifelong skater and now our toddler wants to try it. Once he does, I'll probably want to get in on the act, too. Altho, I guess I could bring my knitting and camera to the skate park and watch from the sidelines.

  2. Knitting and camera are a definite must whether you're skateboarding or not ;)