Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday - My First Sock

Yes I said sock - as in *one sock* lol :)  Finishing one was great- not feeling so motivated to start that second one tho - something about the heat?  Ok - maybe I'm just being lazy - I don't love double pointed needles ;)  I do however *love* the feeling of a hand knit sock - the fit is perfect - and they are so cushy and just..... luxurious feeling.  

I know - they are quite um - colorful ;)  I had a bunch of single skeins of o-wool balance - not sure what I was thinking there other than that all the colors were pretty and I couldn't decide :)  I bought them when I hadn't been knitting for long too and didn't realize what a PITA single skeins are.  Oh well - colorful socks it is :) 

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