Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dad Rocks

The other day Mr S -(my 7 year old in case anyone is having trouble keeping track ;) ) was trying to rig himself up a zip line - using the fence in a way that made my husbands eyes bug out ;) He had a brief moment of crankiness, quickly followed by a deep breath and an offer to go out right after breakfast and build a real one together :) Yay Dad :)

Those would be *my* pink holey soles ahem ;)

There was no time to get dressed - this was definitely a high priority event - no time could be wasted, so the pj's stayed on :)

The fun lasted for hours - days actually :)

A bigger grin has never been seen...

For safety's sake - and heck it's even more fun if you get to let go at the end and crash onto a nice soft matt :)

A certain little Miss A found herself quite comfortable on the crash matt..

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