Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bubble Post Part 2

   So when I uploaded the bubble shot - I didn't have time for a full post, as I was about to run out the door to take the kids to the beach...... but I was so excited about it I had to post that one shot right then.

So now I'm back to tell you about the actual bubble making ;)

The scientist of the house was super gung ho to make bubbles.  He'd seen  directions for making bubble wands and had done it all himself and he was not interested in hearing any reasons why we couldn't do it right then and there (his persistence is really good for me :)  )  I was all hung up on thinking we needed this that and the other thing to make it work - he just wanted to do it.  So we did it.  I wasn't sure if the Seventh Generation dishsoap we had would do the trip, so I googled it (of course) and came up with a blog I already was familiar with (and more fabulous bubble shots)  - I would love to link, but my browser I normally use is down, and I can't for the life of me recall the name of the blog.....

So we got a rubbermaid bin, put enough water to be able to submerge the rather large bubble wand (a coat hanger bent into a round shape - then at his insistence we wrapped yarn around the coat hanger - you can see what I mean in the photos).  Then we put in a few really good long squirts of the seventh generation dish soap - and finally because i happened to have it around - a dash of glycerine - (yes I happened to have it around, *but* I *meant* to buy it for ohhhh 2-3 years for a craft project - then I finally did and we never got to it in time (preserving leaves in the fall - maybe this year?) - so I'm not * that on it lol!

I just kept trying to make bubbles and added more soap until it worked - I know some people prefer recipes - there are a ton out there if you google - I'm a bit of a recipe avoider ;)

And it did work :)

And it was extremely fun - and yes at times I had a hard time handing that bubble wand back over to the waiting child - what is it about making bubbles that is soooooooooo satisfying!

So if you've been wanting to make these fabulous big bubbles, but you haven't because you didn't have any joy dish detergent (supposedly the best soap for bubble making) or whatever - just do it!  It's really not hard at all.


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