Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Too Cute

IS there anything that pleases children more than baby animals????

I don't think so ;)  I wish I could have captured the looks on the kids' faces this morning as we introduced the new chicks to their space.  I was too busy making sure none got dropped or stepped on tho....

  My sweet scientist boy helped us introduce the chicks to water - they need to each have their beak dipped in to show them how and where.  IT takes a while when there are 100 of them!

The smiles were big tho - this is definitely an event that the kids look forward to.


  1. Love your new blog design! It looks fab! And the chicks are pretty cute, we have a hen sitting on 9 eggs right now so fingers crossed we'll have some fluffy apricot balls bowling over the lawn soon. Going to dig out the giant bubble wand, thanks for the reminder, Esmé emptied out the entire GIANT (and expensive)bottle of special bubble mix and I didn't know how to make more, but reckon glycerine is an easy thing to find. Love the socks too btw, for once I might make myself a pair, never done any for self before but I love wool and always have cold feet so why not?

    Much love from me, your summer days look lovely,


  2. Thanks Claire :) You should make yourself some socks! You'll be hooked for sure - they feel sooooo *right* on your feet. And I've only got one finished too - I don't love dbl pointed needles tho, so I've been procrastinating starting the 2nd one ;) A is a dumper too ;) Ah the age of the fantabulous messes lol! btdt enough times now that I can laugh a little more about it all. I hope your eggs hatch! IT's so much fun for the kids - especially when you hatch them yourself - well the chicken obviously ;) I remember the time we did it, Kaelin was just beside himself - kept running out all day long to check - must try that again sometime- I don't think the chickens we have right now are much good at that tho - we've got a couple egg eaters and can't leave the eggs to o long or they just get eaten - well that and Little A just sneaks in and smashes them all up lol! NOt that I'm laughing in the moment, but after the fact I can laugh at her enthusiasm for smashing eggs ;)