Friday, June 4, 2010

Rose Petal Honey

Blackberries - picking them, blackberry jam, blackberry crisp that my Grandma made each year.

The process is really really simple.

Just have fun pulling off loads of rose petals - there are so many beautiful buds - there will be plenty more to replace the ones we pick.

Combine in a pot with honey and leave on low heat - I left mine for a couple hours - then let it sit steeping longer off the heat. I prefer not to heat our honey - we get it raw and unpasteurized from a local farm - heating kills the enzymes in the honey. I keep the heat as low as it goes.

Strain it while it's still warm - reheat a bit if you've let it cool too much.

So decadent in tea, or on toast - I bet it would be wonderful on plain yogurt! I'll have to try it...

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