Monday, June 14, 2010


Summer is finally here. Beaching will become an almost daily event, to cool down in the afternoon heat. It's funny - I seem to view every season, every event, every milestone from the point of view of this being the last of the baby days. Little Miss A - almost 2 1/2 - is seeming like less of a baby each day. I go to the beach and as I chase after her quick little runaway self I am reminded that next year will be different. The diapers will be gone. She'll stick around at the beach. Heck maybe she'll even sleep at night! Every little thing reminds me. Some days that leaves me feeling sentimental - others I'm quite relieved to be honest. I feel these intense baby days coming to a close - and it was a wild and wonderful ride, but this mama's tired. Looking forward to enjoying my children in a different way - maybe a little less frazzled and sleep deprived ;) Not always missing out on a special moment because i have to chase the current toddler. Not better - just different- a new time - as it should be.

This photo really strikes me - the girls - look so alike - even the same height. They couldn't be more different tho - One so fairy like, and the other such a sweet feisty little elf.

This boy of mine- he just adores his little sisters.

The summer will be over in a heartbeat - trying to make the most of each day.

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