Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just a little chicken roasting advice ;)

OK - so I *was* planning to show you the gift I sewed for Andrew for his birthday today, buuuut.....

I forgot to take pics ;)

So since we had chicken tonite I thought I'd share my most favorite chicken roasting discovery....

I know I know it's terribly exciting ;) And maybe everyone has thought of this.... hmmm.

Here it is.....

Roast that chicken upside down! Breast down. I've never understood why people roast chickens breast up - the breast is the part that gets dry right? Right. So breast down - the white meat is juicy, and the dark meat doesn't know the difference - it really doesn't mind being up on top ;)

End result is juicy juicy juicy white meat :)

So there you go - my oh so exciting post for the day ;)

I promise - cross my heart - tomorrow there will be sewing to see! In fact I will have more sewing the next day too!

And since I don't have a photo of a roasted chicken for you - here's a picture of sweetness :)

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