Thursday, January 7, 2010

Life Through S's Eyes

My kids have been really into taking photos lately - which I fully support even tho I'm always trying to hide the fact that I'm worrying they'll wreck my camera ;) They love it tho - and I'm always quite fascinated to see what they come up with. Big Miss A in particular has been taking literally hundreds of photos of herself in front of the computer with the computer camera. I suspect there will be another post with some of her photos - they are stunning.

Today tho - I was all set to post about the snow fort we've been working on ..... but then I discovered these photos that I hadn't taken. At first I wasn't sure which of my kids had taken them - but then I spotted the boots ;)

Saschee. My sweet boy who is now 7 years old and just getting sweeter every day. So these are his photos. I love them. Couldn't think of anything else I'd rather share today.

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