Sunday, January 24, 2010


S's gift for Andrew

We were given a pot holder loom recently - S loved it :) I'm guessing that he'll be making many more ;) He's very proud of his work and papa is very pleased.

It just happened that I was already making pot holders ;)

Not my first choice for a gift, but money was tight and what the heck else would I sew for him?
Anyone else find their husbands difficult to sew/knit for?

The shape inspired much creativity ;)

I'm told they make an excellent frisbee.

The first day I couldn't find them all day. Apparently A liked them alot and hid them in her kitchen set ;)

I suppose she'll need a set just for her - in pink of course. Everything must be pink, tho purple is gaining popularity as well ;)

I love the expression on K's face ;)

Boring gift or no - it's nice to have new pot holders. They are one of those items that I just don't think to buy - and the ones we had were both old and poorly designed.

I got the pattern for these from Amanda Soule - aka - Soulemama's latest book
"The Handmade Home"

They were one of the first things I marked as *must make*

I wasn't disappointed. The instructions are clear, the pattern a good one.

They are just right.

I used scraps of Amy Butler fabric mostly. Attempting to choose colors that would please my man :) Truth be told he's extremely easy going, so I could probably used pink polka dots and he wouldn't have cared. He's not quite so easy to please with regards to clothing tho - which is why he still hasn't gotten any knits from me ;) Or other sewn items for that matter.

Tomorrow if I can get the darned snaps installed you'll get to see 2 things I've made for Miss A and her doll Sophie :) Expect extreme matchy matchy cuteness ;)


  1. LOVEM! I really like the handle holders too. The ones that go on the long handle of a skillet. Which reminds me, I should make some of those.
    May I ask what you used to used to insulate them?

  2. Oops! I had meant to include that, so thanks for asking :)

    I used 2 layers of an old bath towel. It's just the right thickness :) I like not having to use anything synthetic in the making, and of course I always get a kick out of being able to repurpose anything