Tuesday, January 12, 2010

mittens for my little kitten

I haven't been posting much lately - I'd really like to post more, but I've been spending every spare second sewing and knitting ;) And I realize that I really ought to have posts to go with all this sewing and knitting, but you see I haven't quite finished any of the projects! I'm close, but not quite there on oh - 4 projects ;) Now that Christmas is over you'd think I'd not be so busy, but at our house Christmas is closely followed by 3 birthdays one after another - my husband and my 2 youngest girls. I'm sure it's no surprise that I'm just as keen on making gifts for birthdays as I am for Christmas - and this year we're just plain broke, so I'm making *all* of the gifts ;). It's fun tho and a great stash buster for sure. I'll have more things to photograph really soon, but in the mean time.......mittens.
I never expected to get excited about mittens, but apparently I can get quite excited about anything ;) I'm going to call that a good thing ;)

So mittens - thumbless to be exact - for my littlest girl who is turning 2 years old this week. Mittens are such a pain in the you know what for little ones! They can't get them on themselves - I can't even get them on properly because none of them fit right! (Can you see where I am going with this?) Now you'd think that it wouldn't be so hard to find a pattern for such a thing, but for some reason I just couldn't - for ages. I finally did tho, so little Miss A will have nice warm hands. The pattern is easy - which I like since my first priorities with knitting are:
1. To relax.
2. To finish things *fast* I like the finishing part best ;)

The pattern is on ravelry.com and it's called "My First Toddler Mittens" by Anna Wukich

and no I'm not going to link it ;) - partly because I'm feeling lazy and partly because I also can't recall how to link, and the book that would show me is hiding ;) Seriously - didn't you know that books hide?

The yarn is Crystal Palace Fjord - the colorway on the purple was something like violet fields and I can't recall what the yellow/green was called - I actually bought the yarn ages ago - as in the purple was left over from one of my very first knitting projects way back when this toddler was still in my tummy ;)

See? She likes them ;)

And who really needs clothes when they have such lovely warm hands?

She takes this posing for the camera stuff *very* seriously ;)

Ok - so it's blurry - that's because she's demonstrating how well they work ;)

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