Monday, January 18, 2010

a two year old needs a tutu right?

Ok - so that two year old hasn't figured that out yet ;)

And so this is her big sister modeling said tutu ;)

It had to be purple because - well Little A is just a purple girl - you'd have to know her to understand I suppose - you'll just have to take my word for it ;)

I used the Tie-on method which is ridiculously easy and requires no sewing other than sewing together the two ends of the elastic. You can find a tutorial easily - just google tutu tutorial. I used 4 colors - 2 yards each of pale purple and magenta and then some random pieces - maybe a yard to a yard and a 1/2 each of white and gold. I alternated mostly between magenta and gold together, and pale purple and white together. I love how it turned out :) Big A wants one too - her birthday is next up, so there'll be a pink one to follow - and after that I've been informed that my 15 year old wants one too ;) Photos to come of course ;)

I have just one more gift that I made to show you tomorrow :)

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