Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Sock Fairy and other birthday fun :)

I think it's going to take a few posts to show off all the things I made for little Miss A for her Birthday ;)

I made her crown this year, last year I figured she was too young to notice and wouldn't likely be willing to wear it anyway. It's a good thing Andrew snapped a bunch of pics of her right away when we donned the Birthday crown - she tossed it within about a minute and never let anyone put it back on again - many of us tired, all to no avail. She doesn't like anything to touch her hair that girl - not brushes, hair clips, shampoo - nada ;) Some hats are ok - but only some and generally only when we are going outside ;) She also ditched the tutu and unfortunately there aren't any decent shots of her wearing it - there's some great ones of Big Miss A, but I think I'll save that for another post.

Quite literally surrounded - this girl is certainly not lacking in love and affection with 4 older siblings who all adore her.

And here we have the Sock Fairy :)

My mother bought this book for the girls for Christmas , and it was *such* a hit!
I noticed pretty quickly that Sascha's old doll was a good match and my mind started spinning with ideas for a Sock Fairy. S liked the idea and announced - oh about 3 days before her birthday that that was what his gift was going to be. Right. So We got started - what else am I going to do when my little boy wants to sew with me?

It was actually quite easy when it came down to it - especially because the boys had a surplus of holey socks - lots of them striped. I used a beloved pair of tights that S lived in when he was 3 and he was *Super S* He never left the house in anything other than tights with a girls bikini bottom over top and his Barbie T-shirt that was definitely an important part of the costume - tho I'm still not sure why. He found it in a free box and my oldest daughter was kind enough to tell him it was a Barbie shirt - It just had the word Barbie on it, but that didn't matter. SO the tights - he actually got a little sad initially at the idea of cutting them up, but he came around when I pointed out that we had no hope of finishing in time without them ;) SO the Shirt is made from those tights - and I actually sewed it to the doll, partly because I didn't want to be continuously redressing this particular doll, but also because it was just way easier that way. It's just 2 tubes for the arms and a bigger tube for the body and then I hand-sewed the shoulder seams to the doll.
The Hat, scarf, and socks are all made out of the boys' old socks. The vest is wool felt. The pants which I will likely redo at some point didn't turn out well (I was sewing them around midnight the night before knowing I still had to make the wings ;) ) I cut up a denim skirt for those.

The wings are made from some satin I had kicking around and 2 layers of batting inside - then machine quilted. There are 2 loops of elastic sewn to the top of the wings that goes around the top of the arms to hold them in place without the elastic showing.

I swear I tried to get her dressed for the cake time ;) She was all dressed, but then I took too long getting the cake ready - and well she doesn't care for clothes much more than she cares for hair stuff ;) So while I was lighting the candles - she was taking it all off ;)

Thankfully she ended up covered enough with the cake that I can actually still post the picture - I think it's beautiful :)

And yes she's sitting on the table lol! I decided to let that one go for the sake of harmony and not having the candles melt all over the cake while we tried to get her off the table ;)

The cake was pure heaven - a vanilla almond layer cake with lemon cream filling, and a "marshmallow" icing (no marshmallows involved I swear ;) ) All gluten and casein free as our whole family can't have either. Yum :) The sprinkles on the top of the cake are naturally based dye too - The brand is India Tree if I remember correctly :)

I'll be back tomorrow with some more pics of the other things I made....

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