Saturday, January 2, 2010

More repurposing - felted sweater turns into a Vest for Little Miss A

I picked up the sweater for this project ages ago - months - and it sat on my sewing shelf and sat and sat. I just wasn't inspired to do anything with it. I'd notice it often tho. Then the other night I was lying in bed with Big Miss A waiting for her to fall off to sleep and the image of this little vest top popped into my head. When I got up I went straight to it and was done in no more than an hour including the handsewing and embroidery.

I tried this before a few months ago and wasn't nearly so pleased with the results - the fit is so much nicer this time that I think I will go and hack up the old one into the same shape/pattern as this one. This one ended up a little shorter than I'd meant, so it's not so much a dress as a tunic I suppose. I'll probably make the next one a little longer. It's perfect for core warmth tho :)

It was really really simple - I just grabbed a jumper dress she already had and used it to get the basic shape of the neck and arm holes. Sewed up the sides, and shoulders and then used a blanket stitch to tidy up around the armholes and neck. It just needed the little heart added for fun :) It's the perfect combination of wool/nearly free/mama love/warmth inducing ;)

And I still have the sleeves left ;) Who knows what they will turn into? It is a tad bit itchy when right on the skin, so I think they won't be pants or leg warmers.

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