Sunday, October 17, 2010

Acid drop nailed

Is there much more satisfying for a 10 year old boy than to nail a skateboard trick?

Well - for those who like skateboarding ;)

And no - I'm not talking about drugs ;)  An acid drop in skateboarding is just what you see here...

rolling off a high bench onto flat ground.

It's tricky stuff - I know I can't do it ;)


and on to the next goal...... and hurry! The snow's gonna fly soon enough, or rain at the very least.  The skateboarding season is almost at a up - skiing!


  1. Where is this??? Alden is dying to skate more but I have no idea where to take him. We've been doing lions now that the water park is off. fill me in!!

  2. There's a park out our way - not so good now that the snow has fallen - won't be going again until the spring. It's a great little park tho. Have you tried the youth center yet? I suspect we'd be there a lot if we lived in town.