Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Motherload of Potatoes.

If you want children to get excited about gardening - then harvesting potatoes is a sure thing.  Today saw us all outside, some digging, and some diving ;)  Yes I said diving - because that's what they do! With a shriek and a grin :)

A certain 4 year old girl kept saying "This is the MOTHERLOAD of POTATOES"
*Yes she was yelling for emphasis ;)  *

The biggest boy likes to dig - and even generously tosses the potatoes into the reach/view of the littlest ones - apparently getting much enjoyment, from watching their glee.

It's just soooooo magical - I mean really - there are potatoes.... in the ground! 

Imagine that one from the point of view of a little one ;)  Heck - it's pretty exciting for me too!

THe pig pen is on the other side of the fence from the potato patch this year.  The pigs knew that we had food over there and they weren't impressed that we weren't sharing (raw potatoes = bad for piggies)

In this photo they are desperately trying to nibble at my toes under the fence... 

I'm loving the fashionable garden attire of Miss Big A  - aka dancer girl.  Her current strategy to avoid clothing is to wear her long red coat, cause it covers her whole body! 

 Yes, digging potatoes was a nice way to end the day.  My favorite gardening is that done with enthusiastic littles by my side.

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  1. We not long ago planted our spuds out..can barely wait for them to be ready they are like a treasure chest of goodies