Thursday, October 7, 2010

The First Night.

My last post was started a little while - ahem ok a day - before it actually got finished and so ended up a day behind...

That's ok ;)  Just clarifying so as not to confuse the people who actually know me, and have been hearing all about this sleep stuff (endlessly - oops! sorry bout that ).  So I thought I ought to come back with my ever so exciting news from the most recent last night.  Ok - that's a mouthful ;)

Soooooooo I've been realizing that this girl of mine after many many months of trying, is just not getting there with night weaning - she's 2 1/2 - and since it's been a full decade since I've slept through the night, I've been feeling a little impatient......So we decided that the best bet would be for mama to head off to an entirely different building ;)  So last night I slept *all*  *by* *myself* !!!!!!!

I know that probably doesn't sound even remotely exciting to most, but since I've been cosleeping for over 15 years now, and night nursing for much of that time...... well it's definitely exciting for me ;)

I woke up feeling fabulous, and ever so hopeful that sleeping through the night *every night* (within reason of course) will be the next milestone we reach.

Don't get me wrong, I'm absolutely 100% in love with co-sleeping, and extended breastfeeding, *but* it's been a hard path - one very well worth it, and with a whole heap of benefits, but it's still been really hard.  And of course - multiply that time 5 kids, and it's just a lot of years.  I'm excited to find out what I can accomplish with a regular good nights' sleep!  Me thinks I might actually be super mom after all then ;) (in a totally joking way of course ;)  )  It does feel pretty huge tho - watching all these baby things pass away, becoming a memory of a different time, and opening doors to a new phase in this family's life.  I'm sure one day (when I'm mighty well rested lol ) I'll look back on these years, and (hopefully my sleep deprived brain will remember lol) miss those days when the kids were wee.  They sure are magical times. (maybe that's why we are sleep deprived!  To enhance the magical effect with a little fuzzy brained sleepy silliness ;)  )

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