Monday, October 25, 2010

There are times when Hot Chocolate is called for.....

....and I don't mean just plain old hot chocolate - I mean the fancy kind that has absolutely every decadent addition that one has on hand.

And there doesn't have to be any sort of a fancy reason either - no reason required.

Yesterday I found myself with a small chunk of time alone with my little scientist.  With 5 kids, alone time is precious, and very much a priority.  I know,  I've said that many times before, but I really believe that one on one - making time for it no matter what is one of the best things we can do as parents.

And so here we were alone, and I thought to myself - it's a day for hot chocolate.  With whip cream.  And the scientist pipes up with the fact that he knows where some marshmallows are hidden ;)  Ahem.
Then I remembered that there was still a little jar of those maraschino  cherries in the fridge.  The ones that make me cringe at the amount of dye in them, but that as a special treat can seriously make a child's day ;)

Next thing you know we had a plan.  Hot Chocolate Deluxe, Grilled Cheese sandwiches (still immensely satisfying after 3 years of no dairy in the house ) and a game of Goblet (kind of a complicated version of tic tac toe - sort of ...)

There is a certain smile, and air of contented calm that comes over my kids when we have alone time.  Even a short little bit is enough to show a difference in the little ( or big) one.

I aim for a whole day with each child on a regular basis, but even a little bit of time is something I'm grateful for and will jump at an opportunity for.  I've even been known to give up my own alone time when a little one gave me that puppy dog look and a "please can we have some alone time?"

I really love all the possible combinations in a large family - the dynamic is so different with each combination.  We often will split up - with some kids going off with dad, and some with me.  It's a little less busy, a little less chaotic- and well it's just different :)  And now that my oldest babysits there are even more possible combinations - and even the possibility for a mom and dad solo expedition too ;)

And no - you don't have to have hot chocolate..... but it sure is fun :)

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