Monday, October 11, 2010

A new take on window art

I recently discovered this completely wonderful and inspiring blog, and of the many many many projects that I was desperate to try out, this one had to be done *immediately*.  I'm not entirely sure I've come across this much creativity in one blog, perhaps ever.  Ok - I'm done raving ;)

Here's what came of ours.....

I found that my youngest wasn't really there yet - she helped a little, but mostly she enjoyed cutting up tissue paper with scissors into teeny tiny pieces ;)  My 4 1/2 year old loved the project, and sat with me for at least 2 hours, but then lost interest and wanted me to finish ;)  I at that point was fully absorbed ;)  And so I did ;)  There is still more to do one of these days to fill in the left side, but it's beautiful as can be in the mean time.  I love that since we used a water based gluestick type glue (she's got a handy dandy photo of the exact same one we used over at filth wizardy) we'll be able to wash it all off when it fades, or we're just bored and want the window back :)

There are so many ways to be creative - it can be overwhelming trying to just pick one and go with it - I can easily get lost in reading all the various possibilities ;)  The best tho is when you find a great idea and just go with it!  not too much thinking, and lots of doing ;)

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  1. Oh M Gee I love it --we are going to have to have a goo too..the plasticine painting is a also a must do