Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another First

A certain little four year old girl started her first piano / recorder lesson this week.  There were some worries on her part over possible shyness (this was a frustration for her with both dance and swimming) but this time.......    
not a trace :)

As a homeschooling mama of 5, I've taken my kids to loads of lessons over the years.  With our days free, there is plenty of time for lessons away from home while still leaving lots of quiet at home time as well.   This is my girl's first year for lessons.  She announced in the summer that she would be taking piano in the fall.  And how perfect is it that her teacher is one of her favorite people?

Very perfect :)  

With all concerns of shyness out of the way, she was free to dive in head first.   It's such a relief to know without a doubt that my little girl is in the hands of someone who is just so gentle and kind, and ever so patient.  She really *gets* kids in a way not many adults do.  I like that.  A lot.  Thanks for that Marcia :)


  1. Oh these photos have captured here experience beautifully!

  2. She had so much fun :) I think that between watching her having fun, and taking photos, I had almost as much fun ;) I want piano lessons too!