Monday, October 26, 2009

Book Sharing Monday

"Dreamscape - Short Stories From Young Writers of Canada"

This is a very special book indeed :) It's special because my oldest daughter had a short story published in it :) Page 250 to be exact :)

"This book is the result of a creative writing contest open to young writers aged 12-18 years. "

I'm so darned proud of her - I'm awfully tempted to type her story out right here to share with you all.

Ah shucks here it is :) (It's fiction by the way, and it does have a brief mention of abuse if that will upset anyone)

The Journey

I sit alone in my room. Silence Presses in on me. The fear starts closing in. I know what happens next, but I can't stop it. I am alone, secluded. I watch the door, it's handle motionless, but that doesn't last long. The door begins to open. A sliver of light darts into my room, like a hand reaching towards me, trying to save me. But it never does. And then he's there, tall, dark, powerful. He reaches towards me.... the next part I have spent my whole life trying to forget. This was my childhood... my reality. No one knew except me.
When I was thirteen the opposite sex began grabbing my attention. They interested me more than anything. I watched them; learning them, reading them as if they were books. It wasn't rocket science; there was only one thing they were thinking about. They wanted one thing, and that one thing was always the same. I watched them watch other girls, and realized these simple creatures were watching me.
I slowly felt this burning inside me.... a want. Not like I wanted the shoes in the department store window. I wanted someone else; it was because I didn't feel complete. By age fourteen, I had one. He smelled of cigarette smoke. He smelled of cologne and opportunity... the opportunity to feel completed. My want for a boyfriend changed to a need for completion. My father created that: a hole inside me. I couldn't get rid of it. I went thought my whole life with this burden. There were two main reasons it left. My father died, and with him died a part of me; that part of me I didn't want. And there was Ted. Ted was the opposite of me. He respected himself.... he respected me. He showed me how to respect myself.
Now I am twenty-five. I look over my life so far, and I feel fulfilled. I feel satisfied. I open my curtains every morning, and the sun bathes me in light, that healthy light that finally reached me. As it embraces me, it seems to whisper in my ear; this is the first day of the rest of your life.

Skye - age 14.

I love to read my girl's writing - always so moving - so mature. It often takes my breathe away to be honest. I think back to my girl as a wee babe - always anticipating each and every milestone. There is such a focus on those baby milestones, but I find that it really doesn't stop with babyhood. Oh no - it seems to me that it will never end - this eager anticipation that accompanies motherhood. I doubt I will ever stop celebrating this lovely person I'm so honored to know and love. I often daydream about what she will do in her life - who she will touch with her twinkling eyes and charismatic ways.

What an honor to get to watch this process, this unfolding. Once again I feel like a lucky mama indeed. And just think - I'll get to do it again, and again, and again...... 5 times :) What an adventure I'm on.

I love this picture of Skye - it's just ..... her :)

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