Wednesday, October 14, 2009

He's her guardian

Little Miss A and Mr. S

When Little Miss A was born, Sascha followed in his big brother's footsteps and declared himself her guardian. In fact he was quite smitten with her right from the start. Mr. K had made the same declaration of Little Miss A when she was born. I find it quite fascinating for several reasons. First off they've matched up the genetics ;) Mr. S and Little Miss A take more after me, and Mr. K and Big Miss A take more after Andrew. Then the order thing - I've found that my kids don't tend to get along so well with the next younger sibling - so 1 and 2 - not so good- but 1 and 3 - is better. 2 and 3? Ugh. but 2 and 4? PRetty darned harmonious. I tend to think that is related to feeling threatened/replaced by the next in line so to speak. Understandable - I've heard it likened to how a wife might feel if her husband brought home a second wife and told how much she'd grow to love her in time - I'm thinking not so much. So Mr. K and Big Miss A are 2 and 4 and Mr. S and Little Miss A are 3 and 5 (order of birth)

Mainly tho - Mr. S and Little Miss A just look so much alike (aside of gender of course, but they tend to be so gender neutral at this age anyway...) it's quite staggering really. I went looking for some photo examples of the likeness tonite - I didn't do as well as I'd liked to have, but I did find some good ones :) See if you can guess who's who? ;) Not so hard I think actually - I don't always see the strong resemblance, but often times I've looked at Little Miss A and just been so struck with how alike they look.

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