Monday, October 19, 2009

What autumn has been looking like....

I think my camera is such a good tool for reminding me to watch for the positive in life.
Even more so now that I'm taking more photos than ever before. In times when life gets busy and I feel frustrated for whatever reason it's so good to sit down and upload those reminders of the beauty of every day life.


Turkey soup on a chilly day

Watching little ones enjoy turkey soup with cries of "more carrots please mama :)"
Really ? More carrots? Be still my beating heart :)

Making forts

And general monkeying around ;)

One of these days I'll get a chance to do some crafting - I did manage to get the tomatoes out of my studio - the entire floor and my whole cutting table were covered ;) In the mean time tho I'll just keep watching for these sweet moments with camera in hand.

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