Monday, October 12, 2009

Giving Thanks

Ah Thanksgiving - how I love thee...

...but my oh my what a stressful day!

Enough of that tho! This started out as a rant and then I realized that this is my chance to finally take a deep breath and focus on the point of the day.

Today, this day, I am grateful - ever so grateful...

*for our health - my what a journey that has been.*

* for absolutely any sleep I get ;) *

* for my lovely supportive husband and the amazing love that we are so fortunate to share*

* For our home and the roots we've finally been able to put down*

* to have my oldest daughter living at home again *

* to have such a close loving relationship with my own mama *

* for all the wonderful caring friendships that have been growing and developing *

*chocolate coconut icecream - my savior - I'll drive miles for thee*
(I'm sooooo serious! lol ! )

*and for this blog - this place that makes me stop and slow down and really look at my life, my self, my family.*

Looking back on the day for the lovely bits - of course there were some lovely bits .....

Feeling grateful for....

a summer project inspired by a combination of "Farmer Boy" inspiration, and a bet with a family friend ;) (Mr. K grew that monstrous pumpkin - it's around 50 lbs!)

a few steps closer to being a well slept mama ....
(That grinning gal at the edge there is my oldest daughter who somehow managed to snap this picture ;) )

homemade cranberry sauce ;)

someone who loves to put the eggs away :)

an abundance of food

the new littlest helper - imitation at it's best...
(don't panic - it's a butter knife)

occasional sibling harmony ;)

a certain girl who is maturing so fast I can hardly keep up, but in such a lovely way - I'm so pleased to be her mama.

a boy with an absolute passion for all things science.

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