Monday, October 5, 2009

a milestone sort of a day

Today is a special sort of a day.

Today it hit me that I'm almost done dealing with diapers!

Yesterday I sat Little Miss A on the toilet and she peed. Today I tried it again thinking she'd give me a firm UH-uh! and climb down. Nope. She peed.

And then she shocked me even further.

We were having a bath and she told me "poo!"

So I got her out and sat her on the toilet and she went!

OK - so maybe this isn't entirely appropriate blogging material......

But I don't care one bit!

My baby is growing up!
I'm feeling sentimental so you all get to hear about it ;)

She also went on a teeter totter for the first time!

And swings? Not a problem - in fact the little smart-ass likes to lean waaaaaaaaaaay back until I'm quite sure she'll lose her grip and fall on her head - but she doesn't.

This same day she climbed so high on the jungle gym that I couldn't reach her without climbing up after her - anyone remember that post about climbing trees?

Right ;)

I had thought that these milestones might be really hard for me knowing that she is my last baby, but I'm finding the opposite - I'm excited about all that is yet to come!

I'm excited to have more easy flowing time as a family.

I'm excited about this very different time that is approaching. I've had a baby or toddler for most of the past 15 years. I loved it. Obviously I wouldn't have had 5 otherwise, but I am looking forward to a shift in a different direction. One where I get to know my children in a different way. Maybe not quite so sleep deprived. And a little more mobile too ;)

What an adventure :)

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