Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Halloween post

This is Mr. S's "drunk Pumpkin" He was mainly wanting to see what the light would do to the bottle ;)

Koolaid has so very many uses in our house - tho it's known as a dye - and none of us would ever consider drinking the stuff ;) Makes for great last minute green hair tho ;)

This is unfortunately the only shot I got of Big Miss A. She was a figure skater. She had her hair up in a bun at one point, but when it came down to it she decided to stay home with mama. She's such a shy little gal around people she doesn't know - I think that was a big factor for her.

Ms. S

In character

And finally Mr. S. We were so busy this year (and sick this week unfortunately) - we didn't get to the costumes quite in time. He wanted to be James Bond - (tho why I'm not entirely sure - he's never seen a movie ;) ) We didn't actually have a gun tho, and I'm fairly certain that the tails on the tux are not quite right - He didn't seem to care tho ;)

He's awfully cute tho don't you think?

We have quite the set-up for Halloween. The kids are not able to have any gluten, or dairy. That rules out around 80% of the candy right off the bat. So what we do is they put the candy they can't have outside on the porch and the candy fairy (who just loves candy) trades them for a toy. This year it's going to be money as the candy fairy has been so darned busy lately that she didn't have time to pick out appropriate gifts ;) I don't think they'll mind tho ;) I do let them keep the small amount that is left once we remove the gluten and dairy stuff - not my preference, but they are reaching an age where they aren't so pleased to give it all up. I do pick up a few treats at the hfs too - free of the dyes and artificial flavors. They are happy with this set-up so far. Sometimes I think the magic of it all is much more about the adventure of collecting it and less about the candy. Tho of course the candy is much loved too ;)

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