Thursday, October 1, 2009

bringing in the harvest

We are in the midst of the harvest here - scurrying around to get things in now that the frost is coming - light ones so far, but a hard one any night now.

I had some helpers out with me picking squash the other day - a ride in the wheel barrow is a great motivator ;) It was a meager harvest due to a combination of poor soil and serious neglect ;) I figure my baby won't be a baby much longer, so I'm not going to stress about neglecting the gardens a little - there are many and they are quite spread apart, so logistically challenging to maintain as they are.

With Thanksgiving approaching I'm reminding myself to be grateful that there is a harvest at all - small in size and quantity maybe, but food for my family none-the-less. And it sure is fun harvesting with little ones :) They get so excited about each squash! It makes me smile :)

I love squash! Each year we eventually get quite sick of it, but then after a long break over the late spring and then the summer months it's brand new again and a reminder of colder weather on its way. Comforting and warm - squash soup is the best thing for a cold rainy day :)


  1. Thanks for sharing!

    I love the brother and sister hug picture :)

  2. I love that one too :) I love the way she's hugging him and he looks just a little embarrassed ;) She has such a lovey look on her face :)