Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Swing Thing"

I made this for Miss Big A when this cutie-pie was a wee babe. It was one of the first sweaters I made - definitely the first non-newborn sweater - (meaning it was huge in comparison - I remember it felt like it was taking an eternity to ever finish it) Miss Big A almost always refuses to wear it - go figure - I mean it's *pink* for gosh darned sakes! The girl adores pink.

So I've taken to putting it on Little Miss A even tho it's still pretty big on her. I figure if I spent that long knitting it someone had better wear it - I'm running out of options ;)

The pattern is "Swing Thing" by Teresa Bellville at Little Turtle Knits.

The yarn is peace fleece in "Moskow Magic Pink"
It's 80% merino 20% mohair.

And no - I probably didn't need to post all 3 shots of her, but how's a mama to choose?

I think she likes it - I mean look at that sweet grin ;)

I've finally been finding some crafting time, so I may just have another pink sweater to show off soon - and yes it's for that girl who loves pink, but refuses so much of what I make. You see it's a "thing" now and it's going to bug me until I get it right ;) So far she's extremely excited about this current pink thing, so I'm thinking the Gods are with me on this one ;)

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  1. well, if Aziel doesn't get tired of it, it looks like she will be wearing it for, hm, years to come, LOL

    I love the last picture :D And I will be crossing my fingers that Aeowin wears the new one ;)