Friday, September 4, 2009

an abundance of zucchini

Ah zucchini -I hated it with a passion my entire childhood. I remember one time we were having dinner at my Aunt's house and she insisted I eat a bite of everything - zucchini included. I was horrified! Seriously - I couldn't think of anything more disgusting in that moment. I had to psych myself up and then I came up with a plan. I would fill my mouth with milk - and then swallow it like a pill. So I filled my mouth quite full of milk and carefully pushed that dreaded bite past my very unwilling lips only to find that there was not any likelihood of that zucchini going down like a pill - it was too big. And so I chewed - and you'll recall that my mouth was very full of milk right - I'm talking cheeks bulging. So of course to the audience that was my family this was quite a funny scene - and they laughed.

Can you guess what happened next????

You guessed it - I started laughing too and spewed that entire mouthful of milk and the dreaded zucchini all over the dinner table, effectively ending dinner right there.

Eventually I got over my disgust (it definitely wasn't that night tho) and learned to like it even ;)

That said it is a prolific plant for certain and like pretty much everyone we've got *lots* THe picture above is not even close - there's also a large rubbermaid tub of very large ones to deal with.

A couple of years ago we discovered grilling them on the barbecue - it's ever so much easier to use them up now - and I'll admit to there being times when we were wishing the plant would hurry up and grow some more.

Here we are tho - and they've gotten away on us, so I'm looking for more ways to use them up.

Tonite I tried a new recipe courtesy of our good friend - his own personal invention :) And easy too :) Here it is :)

Creamy Zucchini Soup.

OK - here's the part where you find out that there is actually no recipe - it's pretty much an approximation ;) Which is pretty much how I always cook, so you'll have to get used to it ;)

4 little onions from our garden chopped them up and cooked them up in the pot first.

Then I added:
I took 2 fairly large, but not large enough to have big seeds - zucchinis (of course)
-chopped them up :) and added them too.

Added a bit of water and put a lid on until all was good and soft.

Added a can of coconut milk

got out my hand blender and whizzed it all up into a lovely creamy light green goodness

added salt to taste - and herbamare actually :)

Yay for another way to serve zucchini!

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