Tuesday, September 15, 2009

mama time again :)

My oldest, my youngest, and one borrowed lovely :)

thrifting (at my ever so lovely friend's store :) )

Indian take-out :)

mango shakes make a certain girl of mine *very* happy ;)

and even better with a friend to share it with :)

Oh and the ball room at the "mall" (yes I'm putting mall in quotes - if you'd seen it you'd understand completely. Very very small - even for this mama who doesn't care for malls nearly so much as she once did ;)

....yes the ball room was definitely Little Miss A's favorite part and no it did not make up for the fact that I had to continuously haul her back into stores when she really wanted to wander freely.
THere's really no easy way to tell a one and a half year old farm child that they've had their freedom of movement taken away ;)

Ah but that smile - it does see m to melt away all memory of the challenging bits in quite record time ;)
Once my ears have recovered that is ;)

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