Thursday, September 3, 2009

busy times

Life is so full right now - so much to be done.

Today - 7 jars of peach sauce and 6 jars of sliced peaches.

Tomato sauce before midnight as well.

I love this time of year - watching all the colorful jars line up on the shelves, and knowing that there is plenty of food put away for the winter. There's nothing like cracking a jar of peaches in January to brighten up a dreary day :)

I learned to can food while watching, and over time helping, my mom can fruit each year. Memories that I cherish and am pleased to be creating in my own children. In a time when very few people put away food it's really a big priority for us to pass on these values to our children.

And so my kids squeal at the slippery peaches when the slide the skins off the fruit in the sink. And sit quietly cutting up fruit for me to can. And the toddler plays with the rings in that very serous toddler way. And I know that one day they will have in their memory these images of putting food by, and maybe just maybe they will do the same.

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