Sunday, September 6, 2009

dynamics of five

Now on first glance this is a pretty boring photo right?

Ah but look again ;)

Count :)

All five
of my kids are there :)

And they are all quietly engaged in the same room...

Now that is something special.

Don't get me wrong - my kids do play well together much of the time ,but lets face it - there's a lot of possible combinations for
dynamics there now isn't there?

I've read before that air signs feed the fire signs - yup I can see that - that would be my two oldest ;) actually my first 3 since the first is a firey sagitarius, the second is a libra (air) and the 3rd?

LEO ;) (*fire*)

Now just picture one of those bellows things - that you use to blow air on a fire to get it going - do you know what I mean? Or just imagine what happens when you blow on those flames ;)

That would be the dynamic I'm talking about ;) One of them anyway ;)

Oh and the 2 that get along the best? The 2 air signs ;)

So yeah definitely some interesting dynamics. As the lone water sign of the family i spend a lot of time putting out fires - I mean resolving conflict ;) Ahem.

And yet there are these other moments.....

That make it all worth while.


  1. Any time Jo :) (took me a minute to place you ;) )

    That would make my day actually, so hurry up and book that flight! Or hop on a teleportation device - or as Melody and I have attempted often - click those Ruby Slippers together ;)