Monday, September 21, 2009

a bag for piano class

The boys just started piano lessons last Tuesday. When the teacher handed one of the boys a book and said "take good care of this and wash your hands before you play" I knew that there was going to have to be a bag. Not just any bag ;) A piano lessons bag.

I had a certain jean skirt that was quite long, and while I liked it a lot - well I couldn't walk in the darned thing! SO since I'd planned cut it off and make it a short-ish skirt, i just went ahead and chopped it ;)

It was pretty much a given that for my Beatles loving boys there would have to be some beatles fabric ;)

I used a sheet that snuck home with me from the thrift store due to the lovely paisley print for the lining.

I made it big enough to hold not just the books, but also something for the boy who's waiting to do with himself :)

Cute isn't it :)?


  1. I like it a lot!

    I have been turning a similar idea in my mind for a couple of weeks now, maybe it's time to get into action!

  2. Thanks :) It was very fast and easy to make. I think I might be hooked on the whole bag making thing ;)