Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my sweater.

Soooooo I started knitting when I was pregnant with Little Miss A - it's 2 years now. This spring I finally started on the first project for *me* - that's right - with 5 kids it's a little tricky to get to anything for me ;). I didn't knit much over the summer, but I did take it along whenever we went anywhere in the car, so I was actually making progress and got it to this point right here....

and then I ran out of yarn and went upstairs to get another skein......

Except there wasn't another skein.


I bought this wool - for a sweater for *me* ages ago. It's not likely that I'll find another from the same dye-lot. Now I'm fairly certain that there is in fact another ball of that particular wool - somewhere in my house - perhaps hiding away in a cloth bag somewhere. Maybe I'll find it one day. There's only around 4 inches left of the last sleeve.

And so it is sitting on my desk.......taunting me. One of these days I'll have to either make a concerted effort to find that little ball of yarn (which may in fact still not be enough) *or* I have to shorten those sleeves to 3/4 sleeves - which is actually what the pattern called for anyway, but I made them longer. It longer. I made the one sleeve that I finished longer. The other one is just about the right size actually.

I can't seem to decide tho since I don't actually know where that ball of wool is, or if it's enough - but at this point I'm a little annoyed with the sweater - yes it's all the sweater's fault- obstinant thing it is - so I'm ignoring it for the time being in favor of some well behaved pink merino for a sweet little 3 year old I know.

I suspect that sometime around the time the weather starts to get cold I'll become friends with that sweater again and then you can have a picture of it all done - maybe even with me in it!

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