Thursday, September 10, 2009

T-shirt transformation

He looks pissed off no?

He wasn't at all to my memory- I was surprised when I uploaded the photo and saw his expression.

I think he was just feeling camera shy, but I swear he never said he didn't want his photo taken ;)

Mr. S is modeling the shirt we made together.
I just realized that there's a wasp on his shirt!

We actually didn't make the shirt - we made the picture on the front ;)

Here's what we did :)

He picked a picture out of a book that he liked - you could easily use one of your child's drawings as well.

Then I photocopied the picture onto iron-on transfer paper - you can get it at craft stores.

I cut out the part of the picture he wanted.

I ironed it onto a piece of white fabric - I used a scrap of a pillow case I'd cut up to make a pillow-case dress.

I turned under the edges and pressed them, then pinned it to the shirt.

He helped me with the sewing :)

It was really fast and easy.

And the best part? A happy boy who got not only mama time, but a new shirt to boot :)


  1. This is wonderful. I've got to find some of that transfer paper! :) That's a gorgeous picture, surly boy, wasp and all.

    I'm happy to have discovered that you blog! :)

  2. Thanks Rachel :) It's nice to hear from you again :) I didn't clarify in my post above, but the reason I used the white cloth over the shirt is because the iron on transfers don't show up on dark fabric - pretty much white is the best option. I of course have no desire to deal with white shirts ;) - hence the dark shirt with the white panel sewn on ;)