Friday, September 11, 2009

Soulemama's Beach Blanket-to-go :)

I got Amanda Soule's newest book "Handmade Home" a few weeks ago (yes I had it ordered as soon as it was released ;) I was immediately lost in it's fabulous-ness (I know that's not a word, but it really should be ;) )

The Beach Blanket-to-go was the first project which I ambitiously embarked upon ..... the night before our family vacation ;) Right - I'm not that fast a sewer ;)

I did finally get to it a few days ago tho - now that it's not beach weather here anymore.

At least it won't be taunting me in a pile in my sewing room all winter long tho ....

I used thrifted pillow cases for the top ( which I changed a bit from the book to adjust the size - my measuring mistakes lol - the pattern is just fine ;) )

The bottom I used thrifted curtains. It's funny actually - I think they'd be terribly tacky as curtains, but for this project the fabric gives it a nice charm I think.

Big Miss A has already deemed it quite good for turning somersaults on ;)

And according to her it's "pwiddy" too ;)

It may not be beach weather anymore, but I'm thinking we've still got some picnic weather left to get some use out of it before the cold is upon us.

Mainly tho, I'm just pleased that *next* summer we'll be all set for the beach with this lovely mama-made Beach Blanket

Of course a new beach bag will be in order now too ;)

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