Saturday, August 15, 2009

and on to the couch....

I did say I wanted to be surrounded by Anna Maria Horner fabric remember? ;)
I was quite serious!

Our couch was looking pretty bad - we use a regular fitted sheet and it was just boring and stained - either pale blue, or pale yellow. Boring. This is much better :)

So I found these pretty green sheets - organic even. Ok I didn't "find them" I bought them - but for a good price at least ;) I used the pillow cases for the backing of these pillow covers. I'll use the flat sheet for other projects - it's quite a nice fabric actually. It's quite thick compared to other sheets we have, but in a nice way. The brand is "Under the Canopy " I've bought from them before and they are very good quality for a great price - durable *and* pretty :)

The fabric is of course by Anna Maria Horner - except for the blue - it's Amy Butler. I love the pink with the blue!

Of course 2 pillows isn't nearly enough - there will most definitely be more to come ;)

Oh and the pillows I got at a garage sale for $1 - tossed the very ugly fuzzy blue covers - they were hideous. My husband says they reminded him of Grover ;) I just figured the pattern out myself as I went. It was quick and fun - instant gratification ;)

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