Saturday, August 22, 2009

hinkle-berries for Big Miss A and Little Miss A

Big Miss A has re-named huckleberries - first Hinkleberries - and then hunkleberries :)
She's getting closer, but we're all a little attached to hinkleberries ;)

Miss Big A brought along her small tin pail and her

mother brought along her large tin pail to put berries in.

Miss Big A picked three berries and dropped them into her little tin pail.....kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk!

"Now little run along and pick your own huckleberries....mother wants to take her berries home and can them for next winter....."

Little Mr S. , because his feet were tired of standing and walking , sat down in the middle of a large clump of bushes and picked huckleberries.

"now Mr.S " said big brother K (who can sometimes be a wee bit bossy)
"you should really be eating less and put way more of those berries into the pail, so we have lots to take home." (for the record they both did an equally fabulous job of picking)

The entire family had loads of fun. We didn't get tangled up with any bears, no one got lost.

Everyone had a hard time moving on (except the wee ones who were tuckered out) and we could have picked for hours - just a few more...

Eventually tho we drove back down the mountain with food to can for next winter - a whole pail of hinkle-berries..... and another half besides.

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