Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Work in progress Wednesday (technically again)

Well here I am again close to midnight and since it's technically still Wednesday and I didn't have my camera all day, so there's not much to show you..........Work in Progress Wednesday it is!

This is the first sweater I've ever made for myself. In fact it's the only thing I've ever made for myself. With 5 kids all wanting me to knit for them - and the draw of sweet *little* things - things that don't take as much time to knit as an adult sized sweater .... well yeah - it took me a while to treat myself :)

It's almost done! I'm about half way thru the last sleeve- and it's knit in the round- all in one piece. It's the Garter Yoke Cardigan - the pattern is easy to find on Ravelry.

The wool is Peace Fleece -
the color muldova burgundy

I think it's more of a plum than a burgundy, but I still like it ;)

Peace fleece is a unique type of wool in that it feels just terrible while you are knitting it - so scratchy and you really have to talk yourself into believing it will be nice. Then you wash it tho - and it fluffs up and gets soft and this lovely sheen. It's actually quite a treat to have that added bit of pleasure to look forward to at the end. By the 3rd wash (and yes I pretty much just wash and dry and wash and dry until I can get it to that 3rd one) it's reached its softest and is ready for my wool sensitive skin.

I haven't been working on it much - I don't feel so drawn to knitting in the summer months. I do however have a strong need to knit in the car ;) Something to show for the many hours just sitting there ;) (and no I'm not the one driving in case anyone is in a panic at the thought of me knitting and driving at the same time ;) )

I am getting close to that point I eventually get to in every knitting project where I'll feel close enough that I will just *have* to finish it - like yesterday :) I may just have to watch a movie soon and get it done :) - yeah watching movies is the other time I knit in the summer months.

And of course the first thing I'll do when it's done is take photos and blog about it :)

And I have to say that all this talking about it is getting me all fired up and wanting it done right now!

I'm thinking it will be soon....

And the basket? It's lovely isn't it? A birthday gift gift from my sweet husband - heavy hinting was the ticket with this one ;)
(he likes heavy hinting btw - he has a terrible time thinking of gifts.)

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