Monday, August 10, 2009

Idaho Peak

Idaho peak has been on our list of places we want to go this summer - for years now ;) This year we decided no messing around we were going to do it! Sunday was the day :)

The drive up was hellish for those of us in the car who are ahem. afraid of heights. I won't say who ;) It's 12 km up a very steep very narrow logging road - very steep on either side of the road- you basically feel like you're about to go barreling down at any moment. Ok so I just gave away who one of those fraidy cats was ;) (the other was my mom!)

We stopped part way up to catch our breath - ahem - I mean look at the lovely wildflowers ;)

Looks like she's about to jump right off the edge doesn't it? Yeah.

And here is about where I turned back and left the adventuring for those who enjoy heights ;)
It was really beautiful, but with Little Miss A on my back I just reached my limit. I'm happy to report tho that I did push myself to go much further than I would have liked - I would like to move through this whole heights thing. Maybe not with 20 lbs of lovely wiggling toddler on my back to make me feel just a little less stable on my feet lol!

Anyone who's read "The Trouble with Trolls" by Jan Brett, might recognize this plant :) There is a picture of this plant at the end of the book (which is set in BC where we live :) )
I have to admit to half expecting to have some silly troll pop out and shout "ME want baby!"

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