Monday, August 24, 2009

Book sharing Monday - Technically speaking ;)

Yes I know it's Tuesday now, but I swear when I wrote it it was still Monday ;) One of these days I'll get the hang of thinking of these things a little earlier ;)

The Wind Boy, By Ethel Cook Eliot.

This book is one of my all time favorite chapter books for little ones. I love books that were written long ago. People relate to each other differently - and kids are kids. Kids grow up way too fast these days many times seeming just like little adults. One of my biggest goals as a parent is to preserve their childhoods for as long as possible. Let them play!

It's ever so magical and unlike any book I've ever read. And there are fairies -who doesn't like fairies?!

Here's the blurb from the back:

The Wind Boy is a delightful story of two refugee children, Gentian and Kay, ages eight and nine, and their artist mother Detra, who have been separated from their father by war. When Nan, a girl from the mountains answers Detra's ad for household help, Kay and Gentian find a wise and guiding friend. With Nan's arrival, wonderful experiences soon unfold. They encounter the Clear Land and befriend the Wind Boy, discovering that they share a troublesome problem.

We named our youngest daughter after one of the fairies in this book :)

Lovely lovely book - absolutely full of magic :)

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