Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Someone Turned Seven!

My sweet sweet boy turned 7 years old today - August 5th. I still remember someone telling me when my oldest was a babe to enjoy her becasue the time would just fly by. I nodded thinking I understood, but I didn't. I had no idea! I think time speeds up a little more with each child! And yes it most certainly flies! Faster and faster all the time.

Mr. S is one of the most snuggly little guys I've ever met! He wasn't always which makes it all the sweeter now. He used to be what is called Tactile defensive. He did not like to be touched at all - for a long time. No hugs - he stiffened every time and pushed us away. No kisses, no stroking his hair. Nada. With a whole lot of natural therapies, some understanding about sensory processing disorder, and some dietary changes he has come full circle. Now he can't get enough cuddles - I suppose he's making up for lost time. He has at least 3 hugs and kisses at bedtime and often gets up to come down for some more :) This boy is just so full of love! He's a fiery little guy - and feels everything intensely, but the boy melts my heart on a daily basis. I adore him.

Mr. S is my inventor. He spends hours inventing all sorts of things! He also loves magic tricks and jokes. He spends hours pouring over science experiment books and asking me to do the ones that look interesting to him. The book above captured his attention for far longer than even the lego! (lego is an obsession around here for both my boys ;) ) It's called "Snow ball Launchers, Giant Pumpkin Growers and Other Cool Contraptions" By Tom Fox. Perfect inspiration for a little inventor :) (That's my mom in the background there - the kids call her Yaya :)

Here he is opening up the Beatles shirt I made him :) It's hard to tell in the photo, but the fabric is covered in pictures of the Beatles :)

My boy is always whistling. Always. Really - all day long. He adores music - especially the beatles. He knows all of their names and most of the songs and how many albums they have and on and on. If he hears someone playing music he's all ears and will come out of the woodwork immediately!

He had a lovely day once the guests all finally arrived (there were some delays that had us all a little worried that no one was going to show up!) Yummy cake, good friends - throw in a trampoline and it's a party!No need for games because frankly they really just want to play!

Such fun :)

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