Thursday, August 6, 2009

Home food.

I want to show you our gardens and animals. It's going to take a while tho, so bare with me - I'll spread it over several posts. We really enjoy producing as much of our food as we can manage. We often bite off more than we can chew tho - especially now when our children are so young, but each year is better than the last regardless ;)

This is the tomato greenhouse. Life has been busy - of course - it always is ;) and we haven't given the tomatoes the attention they deserve. Hence the tomato jungle that is happening in our greenhouse currently. Andrew put in an irrigation system this year and while it's making watering much easier - it's making it easier to forget about them too ;) Normally we would sucker them and stake them. There's lots of tomatoes tho, so I'm thinking it's all good :)

It's hard to see anything in there - it's crammed full of tomatoes, with cucumbers growing in amongst the tomato plants, and marigolds along the edges that Big Miss A planted with dad :)

The tomatoes are starting to ripen - tho not enough at once yet for canning, so they are going into the freezer until things speed up. Last year we canned enough sauce with tomatoes from this greenhouse to feed our family of 7 for the entire year! It felt really really good. And of course it tasted really good too!

The chickens ( we don't actually call them chooks, but I all my friends from afar do and it's starting to stick ;) ) have the full run of our property which is just over 7 acres. They wander around all day eating bugs and as you can see in the above picture making themselves dust baths - *all over the yard!* It's pretty funny to see them rolling around in a dust bath -gives me an idea of where the term "funky chicken" may have come from - or not lol, but they sure look funny! This time of year they don't eat nearly so much grain relying much more on what they find around the yard. And look out if we leave the gate open to the greenhouse or garden - they'll eat everything right up! Andrew has lost the veggie starts several times when they got in accidentally...

We have 8 laying hens currently and they provide us with enough eggs for our family usually. And the yolks - I've never
seen such lovely yolks - they're orange!

More tomorrow :)

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