Wednesday, August 26, 2009


About a month before father's day my husband jokingly requested a super-dad t-shirt for his gift. Then he promptly forgot all about it.

I didn't tho ;)

I thought he quite deserved such a title actually ;)

He truly is super-dad.

I couldn't think of a better way to express my appreciation to him.

The perfect excuse to try freezer paper stencils ;)

Unfortunately as you can see in the picture above - the shirt didn't like the dryer so much - definitely a good idea to turn it inside out for washing.

The actual stencil part was easy peasy tho. I'm not going to try to explain it all here - there's a ton of tutorials online if you google "freezer paper stencil"

I will give one hint tho ;) If you want to use a darker colored shirt like I did above the color comes out really dark - think green instead of yellow. After oh about 6 coats (likely the reason it didn't fair so well in the dryer) it occurred to me to do a couple coats of white first. That was the ticket. Beautiful bright color was a snap after that.

I have a policy that I try to stick to - that I either buy used, or if I must buy new then I try to find an environmentally friendly option such as organic clothing. It's cheaper to buy plain unadorned organic shirts than to try to find boy pleasing pictures, so I started getting a few organic shirts and then we decorate them ourself :) Freezer paper stenciling is an excellent option for this - so many possibilities for creative expression. I'm sure there will be more showing up here in the near future :)

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