Saturday, August 8, 2009

There's a reason why "pig" is used as an insult ;)

Back in May we dove head-first into a new adventure in farm life.

Pigs. Cute huh?

We built both the fencing and the housing - or I should say *my husband* built the fencing and housing all out of salvaged wooden pallets. We aren't really the planning type ;) We tend to jump in head-first and figure things out as we go. Not so hard with all the information right at the tips of my information junkie finger-tips ;). Thankfully pigs are pretty easy.

Well - except for feeding them that is - see the bits of food all over their heads? Yeah - well that would be from getting their meals dumped squarely on their heads *every* *single* *time*
At first I really did try not to, and it wasn't so hard - I mean they were little! And the bucket? Not so full ;)

Now? now they are BIG and they LOVE to eat - as in at the first hint that food is on the way they start squealing and they *run* as fast as they can. And pigs aren't really too concerned about manners oh no - they don't sit and wait patiently for us to pour it in - they put their big hooves up on the fence and their faces are right *there* and it's impossible to do much other than dump it on their heads. Oh and that bucket? It's very full and very heavy :)

Yes they *are* rather piggish ;) Yes - once you spend some time with a pig or two you start to see how the insults came about... They certainly do eat like pigs ;)
In every way.

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