Saturday, August 15, 2009

my frog lovin boy......

My boy has always adored frogs. We have a ton of photos of him with frogs - these next 2 from around 5 years old.....

Kissing frogs - cute :)

And here he is at almost 9 years old :)
Still loving frogs - he likes to find them homes in the greenhouse.

Lately there has been much talk about the possibility of him having a pet frog in an aquarium as if we need another one of those - last count we were at 7 aquariums, but they all have fish ;)

There's much to discuss from how he plans to pay for it, to how much it will cost. What sort of care they need. He's drawn pictures of how he wants the tank to look and spent some time googling to find out about care - which in itself is a treat as their screen time is very limited.

It's an interesting process to watch- one I don't want to rush as I can see all sorts of benefit and learning in taking our time with it.

I don't imagine it will be long until he gets it all figured out tho - he even called the pet store to ask questions! At my suggestion he balked and said he was far too shy to call, but as I was conveniently busy and he didn't want to wait.....well eventually he took that leap :)

I love that we live somewhere that has frogs just outside the back door - so much life right at their fingertips.

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